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Issue #70, November 22nd, 1996

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In this issue:

Once again, our lead story concerns TAFF; this time, we have news of a potential resolution in the works, as we take an extremely non-exclusive look at Gary Farber's Day with Abi Frost.

Victor reviews Christina Lake's Never Quite Arriving, and finds it good.

Then Jae Leslie Adams counters Ted White's recent columns with notes on Zen Driving.

Andy isn't what you would call a one-fan-fund kind of guy, so it's no wonder he's running for DUFF.

Lesley Reece tells us how she learned to stop worrying about the Bomb and love pumping iron.

Plus our letter column, chock full of nourishing information, and comments on TAFF too!

Once again, we end with an Extended Play Fanzine Countdown, just for you.

This is the seventieth issue of a tri-weekly fanzine, edited and published by Andy Hooper,
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