Astounding Science Fiction 1960 BRE
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Astounding Science Fiction 1960 BRE

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1960 was a very confusing year.

The April issue ran the start of Harry Harrison's Deathworld: the rest of the contents were in line with the US January 1960 issue.

The May issue uses the cover and contents of the US October 1959 issue, minus the serial That Sweet Old Lady by Mark Phillips, replacing this with part two of Deathworld.

The June issue carries the contents of the February 1960 issue except that Part Two of Deathworld now becomes the conclusion.

Further, the June 1960 BRE carries a cover which bears a remarkable resemblance to the Rogers Cover of February 1950 illustrating "To The Stars" by L Ron Hubbard! x

How come this cover lay in the Atlas vaults for over ten years?

And why didn't they use the John W Campbell cover from the American edition?