I Knew The Porridge Was
Trying To Tell Me Something

 Some collected writings of Ang Rosin (for GUFF)
edited by Claire Brialey & Mark Plummer

All files are in PDF format

Claire Brialey writes: Porridge is a fanzine edited by Mark Plummer and me in order to showcase Ang Rosin, who is standing for GUFF in the hope of attending some conventions and meeting some fans in New Zealand and Australia in June this year.

It aims to introduce Ang to some more people on the other side of the world, both to encourage them to vote for her and to help to break the ice if enough of them do; and it also aims to remind fans in Europe why they, too, should both want to send Ang to foreign parts to represent us and to bring her back again.

The fanzine mostly comprises Ang’s own writing, corralled from other fanzines and from LiveJournal over the past five years; but it also includes pieces from her initial supporters in the sending continent about why we think she’d be a great GUFF delegate and administrator.

Porridge (screen version) (528KB)

Porridge (print version) (233KB)

See also Gnat's Testicles - a one shot by Max & Ang produced in 2002 (674KB)

Last revised: 2 April, 2007

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