Brylcreem and Butter
Midweay Raven
Sade, Cheese and Port on a Cold Howick Night

edited by
Andrew Ivamy

All files are in PDF format except as noted

Timelord2067 (AKA Andrew Ivamy) has been contributing regularly to paper APAs for over 20 years. His two main contributions are West Island: West World for Aotearapa, a bi-monthly New Zealand based APA until its demise, and more recently Brylcreem and Butter for LASFAPA, the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society's monthly APA.

As well as interests in SF about time travel, steam/diesel/deco punk, and speculative writing, he has a passion for traveling. He writes about these things, as well as various misadventures at home and abroad or in his car(s).

LoCs are always welcome.

Brylcreem and Butter for LASFAPA 474
Brylcreem and Butter 001 for LASFAPA 434
Brylcreem and Butter 002
One Shot: Missed it by that much
Midway Raven #2 printed in Aotearapa (NZ), late 2004.
Midway Raven #7
Sade, Cheese and Port on a Cold Howick Night #5
Andrew Ivamy - Fan GoH Speech at Conjunction, NZ Natcon, Easter 2008, Wellington NZ
Andrew Ivamy contributions to Apas, listed chronologically

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